AsiaCuisine provides a complete package (Webshop + App + Pos printer + platform + 7/7 custom service)
of the online ordering service with a very attractive price. 


Let your customers order food from your own webshop! Say goodbye to commission fees!

The most important thing of your own webshop is the reliability and easiness of using. With years of experience, we have developed a system you can rely on. And most importantly, we have done our best to keep the system as affordable as possible without compromising any bit of quality.

The platform

Get your restaurant found

We build a search engine friendly webshop for you, which is already a big advantage to make your restaurant stand out among other restaurants on google. But that’s not all. We have built our own platform called “AsiaCuisine”. The user simply put their address and the platform will list all the near by restaurants. This platform can be opened both on a browser with the address “” and on mobile APPs. The App “AsiaCuisine” can be downloaded both on Apple App store and Android Google play.

By promoting this platform, we will bring your new customers and let your business grow to a new level.

Get notified & send confirmation

Android ticket printer with touch screen. 

The built-in software let you receive the order from the clients with-in a few seconds after they make the order. 

Super intuitive interface design, notify the client about the delivery time by clicking one button. Effortless even in the rush hours.

Our advantages

  • reliable, easy to use system
  • unique website design, pleasant look & feel
  • 7/7 telephone customer support
  • very competitive price
  • flexible price options


*7/7 order follow-up service: We will follow up every order your customers make. In case you miss any orders (by not responding the order for more than 7 minutes), we will get notified by the system and we will call you.

contact us

Address: Studio FIDES, Vestingstraat 53-57, 2018 Antwerpen